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Get Involved


Through out the conference we have what we call a funny skit, played out in 3 scenes. 2 scenes are done on Saturday and one scene on Sunday to wrap up the conference.  They will always revolve around the theme of the conference and have speaking parts.  On Saturday before Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament we have a Dramatic Skit. The Dramatic Skit is played out to a song chosen that fits with the theme of the conference.  This skit has no speaking parts, the entire message has to be conveyed through the lyrics of the song but most importantly through the actions in the skit.

Contact Maria Barragan

915-204-9735 for more information


Adult Volunteer

Yes! Your help is more than welcomed as well.  At the El Paso Southwest Youth Conference we are looking for adults that have their hearts set on bringing the youth closer to Christ.  Through the ministry of cooking or chaperoning, registering, security, or working the gift shop. Please ensure that Virtus Training is completed in order to volunteer.

Contact Hector Clemente

915-867-0261 for more information

Set Design

So not everyone is blessed to have the ability to stand in front of hundreds of people, but there is still a way to get involved.  Every year we have a funny skit we like to have a set design for our stage, varying from a school, to an island in the middle of some made up ocean.  Our job here is to make that become a reality with lots of color and creativity. This entails set design, like building walls made out of cardboard and costumes for some of the characters in our funny and dramatic skits.

Contact Johnny Barragan

915-922-8305 for more information


Young Adults

You might say that you are too "old" to be doing the skits but there is a place for you as well.  Every year we get more and more teens to help us out in skits and set design.  Come conference time there  is lots to do and extra hands are always welcomed. 


Maria Barragan 915-204-9735

Johnny Barragan  915-922-8305 

for more information


All donations are welcomed!

We welcome any food donations as well as monetary donations.  It takes a lot to put this conference on for the youth in the diocese and you can help with any donation.  We can supply a donation letter from the El Paso Southwest Youth Conference if needed.

Contact Hector Clemente

915-867-0261 for more information