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     The El Paso Southwest Youth Conference had its first conference in the year 2000, with our first conference being held in the Eastwood High School Auditorium and just under 300 people in attendance. The idea for the conference was actually planted in us a few years before, when our St. Pius X Catholic Youth Ministry took their first trip to the Steubenville West - Lifeteen Youth Conference in Tucson, Arizona.  We were amazed to see how many youth in attendance were on fire for Christ!


      That experience made such an impact in the hearts of the St. Pius X Youth Group and prompted us to ask ourselves, "Why can't we have something like this closer to home? Something all the Youth in our area can have access to!" After much prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit, the conference became a reality.

     The St. Pius X Youth Ministry has proudly sponsored the conference each year and we are so blessed to be able to say that the conference continues to grow every year with more and more youth in attendance. To date we have been blessed to minister to thousands of teens in the Diocese of El Paso, Tx.


     The conference includes praise and worship, skits, talks, celebration of the Holy Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The conference is a great event that affords the opportunity to reach teens at their level. Teens are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus and help them to use their gifts to serve Jesus and others. We plant the seed, God takes care of everything else!


Please check our Conference page for all the amazing details.


We hope to see you this year! God Bless!




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